Plastic Toys - Let Me Feel The Love

One of the many great things about The KLF was their invention and practice of 'Stadium House'

Yes boss, Stadium House was a grand and good idea: Tunes like America: What Time Is Love? booming out over Wembley Stadium, huge shows, fireworks, heavenly raids, power blasting chords and BIG beats, classic style...

Well, I think Plastic Toys have something approaching the same idea and they're backed by big boy pop dance house producers and remixers Andy Gray (U2, Tori Amos, Gary Numan) and Tom Baker (My Chemical Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson)

Yes boss, basically what we have here is some wham bam thank you mam metal mental dance shit, and it comes form my hometown Southampton (the only other successful musical export being my old school mate Craig David...)

We're talking heavy guitars and hints of Faithless like dance hugeness. There's a worked epic sound - it has promise..

But this recording suggests they're not quite there yet.

For one the lyrics are appalling and for two, the tunes don't have enough convincing grandiose ball breaking power at this point in time for me to give them more than half marks.

But progress might iron out these cracks and then Plastic Toys could definately be something...



out of 10
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