Pink - God Is A DJ

With Try This having already gone platinum in the UK, God Is A DJ follows both the release of the album and the top 10 success of the first single to be taken off the album, Trouble.

Having already reviewed this song on the review of Try This, God Is A DJ sees Pink collaborating with songwriter Billy Mann and Korn's Jonathan Davis on pop/rock that is Pink at her most immediate, mixing punk, pop and R&B that comes on like the album in summary. With an opening that is just a little less sparkling than, but similar to, Madonna's Ray Of Light, God Is A DJ soon bursts into what will be a huge stadium rock song. The chorus does, however, still sound remarkably like Blur's Pressure On Julian from Modern Life Is Rubbish.

Will it be huge? No doubt and it's one of Pink's better songs so as long as her career lasts, God Is A DJ should too. It is, however, light and despite the possibility of rock thrills, God Is A DJ is a little lifeless. Where Madonna backed up the talk with a musical walk, knowing Pink has got to be a lot more interesting than listening to Pink.



out of 10
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