Peggy Sue - Fossils And Other Phantoms

Cool folk group Peggy Sue, (comprised of Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw who share vocal and guitar duties, as well as percussionist Olly Joyce) used to be a well-kept secret, known only to the initiated who had the good fortune to catch them on their jaunts around the country supporting the likes of Joan As Policewoman, Laura Marling and Local Natives, and collecting the band's now much sought after EPs sold at their shows. But with the release of their debut album Fossils And Other Phantoms the word will soon get out.

London has taken the place of 1960s New York City, turning out exciting folk artists by the handfull. Peggy Sue will soon join the ranks of Laura Marling and Mumford And Sons; folk artists that have also found a niche in that super cool Indie realm. With help from Alex Newport (Two Gallants), John Askew (The Dodos), Steve Ansell (Blood Red Shoes) and Ben Lovett (Mumford And Sons) Fossils And Other Phantoms has a gloss and polish that does not distract from the songs' earthy beauty. With their sublime harmonies, scratchy guitar picking and Joyce's punk-inspired percussion, these songs weave in and out of your consciousness like dreams, full of dark brooding lovers and carefree sirens.

Beginning with the punchy 'Long Division Blues', the song borrows heavily from traditional folk, blues and country while still keeping one foot firmly planted in early noughties indie rock. This is followed by the Alela Diane-inspired 'Yo Mama', with a forlorn accordion keeping the lonely acoustic guitar company: "I'm gonna go downtown, I'm gonna find myself some fun... / forget your hair, forget your smell until there's none." The spooky 'Watchman' is in a similar vein, its bluesy rhythms like an anchor as the voices fly above the music with edgy abandon. The whimsical Jesca Hoop-esque 'Careless Talk Costs Lives' and 'February Snow' run along at a fast and infectious clip while the dark and moody 'Matilda' proves that this folk band can rock with the best of them: "Oh Matilda, it was I who took the pill that killed ya... /took that pill and washed it down with water / And I hit the town that very night."

The 12 tracks that encompass Fossils And Other Phantoms feel like ghosts stories told around the fire. Beautiful and haunting and sure to place Peggy Sue at the forefront of this year's breakthrough acts.



out of 10

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