Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts

Record label executives are not often right but in this case, their hands involuntarily created a masterpiece. Patty Griffin has initially recorded an elaborate record with big production - they hated it and decided to release the songs with just her singing by herself into a tape recorder.

Taut, edgy and searingly honest, Living With Ghosts is one of those CDs that just seems to be perfect from start to finish. Alone with her guitar, Patty is pouring her heart out her voice moving from sharp delivery to a tender whisper within seconds. Tellingly, my favourite song on the record has been changing ever since I bought this CD years ago - sometimes it's the helpless despair of Forgiveness, at other times the heavily strummed You Never Get What You Want, or sometimes I even go for the more optimistic Let Him Fly or Time Will Do The Talking. There just isn't a duff track in there...

Later releases have employed a lot more studio tricks and, to a certain extent, diluted her raw energy on display here. Stripped down and laid bare (literally judging by the cover), this is a lost treasure of a record that deserves a wider audience - moderately priced, this should be a compulsory record in any music collection.

European Tour Dates:
2005-05-31: Lyric Hammersmith London, United Kingdom
2005-06-13: KB, Malmo, Sweden
2005-06-14: Storan, Gothenburg, Sweden
2005-06-15: Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
2005-06-16:Rock Bottom at Muddy Waters, Oslo, Norway
2005-06-18: Paradiso Upstairs Room, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005-06-19: Academy 3, Manchester, England
2005-06-20: All Saints, Newcastle, England
2005-06-21: Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield, England
2005-06-23: Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland
2005-06-24: Rescue Room, Nottingham, England
2005-06-25: Colston Hall, Bristol, England
2005-06-26: Folk Festival, Glastonbury, England
2005-06-28: Whelans, Dublin, Ireland




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