Patrick Duff - Luxury Problems

Now this is something to get mildly excited about. One man acts are somewhat in vogue at the moment and Patrick Duff falls into that category nicely but stands head and shoulders over the likes of James Blunt or even Tom Vek. Unlike the latter, Patrick Duff doesn’t rely on a studio ‘box of tricks’ approach to production but instead relies on carefully honed songs to do his work; each one polished, quirky and intelligent.

From the opening rock ‘n’roll riff to ‘Married With Kids’ sets out his stall and what an interesting stall it is. There’s some items stolen from The Fall, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and many other luminaries all vying for space and it’s refreshing to hear a songwriter taking elements from all over the musical map and actually doing something refreshing with them. Well, perhaps that’s over egging the omelette somewhat but there’s a good sense of urgency and intelligence to these songs that’s missing from many other acts.

Lyrics about Suicide, broken relationships, broken dreams and with references to Hitler casually dropped in on one occasion and it’s clear that Duff is a very literary minded. Songs here have narrative, resolution and are loaded with pitch black humour. Lyrics like ‘Here comes another day over the hill with big black boots on’ from ‘Early Morning Birds’ betray a sense of poetry up there with the likes of Mark E Smith.

Given that this debut is from EMI, you can expect to hear a lot more about Patrick Duff over the rest of the year. That’ll be a good thing.



out of 10
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