Part Chimp - Thriller

There have been a plethora of bass-less bands coming through the revolving doors of rock lately, so it’s nice to see a band doing their bit to reduce the European bass player mountain by adding one to their line-up. Here come Camberwell based sludge rockers Part Chimp with album number three and this time they’ve enlisted Tracy Bellaries from Ikara Colt to pluck her 4 strings for your delight.

This is a down and dirty rock album. Drums march onward and guitars fuzz mercilessly as the red line pushes up to Stooges-levels of overdrive. The tempo varies significantly from driving, head-banger-pleasing doom to a more tempered and deliberate pace and, on tracks like ‘Tomorrow Midnite’ and ‘Super Moody', somewhat akin to their label bosses Mogwai. It’s pretty majestic stuff; they could be heralding the ascension of the four horsemen as they buzz and crackle their way through the nine tracks on offer.

The semi-disconnected vocals are sometimes yelled and sometimes spoken, adding to the textures of filth. Final track ‘Starpiss’ clocks in at a fairly epic nine minutes, throwing its weight in all directions and the vocals delivered like a man trapped in a hole, bawling out for someone to throw them a line - but with no-one to hear them over the racket of the band.

If you like your rock bubbling like a boiling pit of tar, or soundtracking the prolonged march to the hangman’s noose, Part Chimp might be the monkey you would like to spank.



out of 10
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