Parkway Drive - Reverence

Experimentation in music, especially in metal, is highly frowned upon. The typical metal fan lives and breaths by a band and if that band try to change their sound and/or template, they'd best prepare for some angry backlash. Aussie bruisers Parkway Drive couldn't care less about that, and are simply in a field all of their own with the release of their sixth album Reverence.

Previous album Ire gave us an idea of how Parkway Drive were to develop their sound with the radio friendly 'Vice Grip', and that sound palette continues here. Many fans were aghast at the change in sound of this one song but quickly shut up once they realised its classic-to-be status and became a staple of their set. That was simply one song and this album is full of them. The band have just outgrown their metalcore roots and produced a sonic brew of songs which 'Vice Grip' was merely a template for.

Lead singer Winston McCall, and the band in general, have, since the release of Ire, been through a lot of personal loss and this is conveyed in the lyrics. 'Prey' has lyrics that deal with the loss and sadness they have endured "We are all prey for the sorrow" and "You never know the words you should have said / Until they're all that you're left with" or 'The Void's' bitter resentment at our world leaders taking us to the brink of war "Nothing can save us, nothing between / Infinite madness and the spiral of humanity / Nothing controls us, nothing breeds / The void awakens in the quickening of atrophy". This is one pissed off album, one with a sense of purpose and an arrow sharp focus.

Reverence will elevate Parkway Drive into the stratosphere of not only their home country but the whole world. If you like fist pumping, chest slapping, angry music, this is the album of your year. Its production, biting lyrics and utter middle finger stance is a triumph for the band. Get ready for world domination, this is your new favourite metal band.


A crushing album of infectious grooves and melody, the boys from Byron Bay are back.


out of 10

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