Parachute - Losing Sleep

A parachute is traditionally thought of as a piece of cloth designed to save your life if you were a) in the air and b) in unfortunate circumstances. This time though, it also refers to five baby-faced indie poppers who couldn’t melt butter in their mouths even if they were placed in an industrial-sized oven. The quintet originate from Virginia in the U S of A, and are hoping to charm the cotton pants off Blighty the way they have done with their homeland. Their achievements to date include a number of musical appearances on modern television ‘classics’ such as One Tree Hill and a total of over 1,000,000 views on MySpace, which as we all know is the Internet’s equivalent of Wembley Arena.

When you listen to Losing Sleep these accolades come as no surprise, in fact, it’s like rubbing your ears with a lavender scented hot water bottle. Tracks such as ‘Ghost’ and ‘The Mess I Made’ are nothing short of lovely, showing-off Parachute’s ability to write the long lost pieces of poetic acoustic pop that a lot of bands have been struggling to find. The sound isn’t too distant from creations made by The Script or OneRepublic, but with a Maroon 5-ish attitude that plugs in the guitar and adds some all-important oomph.

‘She (For Liz)’ most definitely follows this formula, with an intro you’d mistaken for one written by Adam Lavine, and an arrangement as soft as Velvet toilet paper. As paramount throughout Losing Sleep, the focus remains solidly on the melodic purity of lead vocalist Will Anderson, who has the innate ability to make girls (and boys for that matter) go all gooey-eyed and weak at the knees. The same can also be said for ‘She is Love’ which stands out so much it might as well be wearing stilts. It’s no wonder the track has sold over 500,000 downloads, with its fairytale rock pop lyrics and melodic simplicity that immediately makes it memorable. It also has the capability of making you fall in love instantly with the next person you see (so let’s just hope for your sake it’s not Jimmy Savile).

Each track on Parachute’s debut is as light as a well-risen Victoria Sponge Cake, with inoffensive mum-friendly tracks that all could easily be a soundtrack to your summer love. Although Parachute aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel with this release, they are adding a well-needed gleaming silver spoke.



out of 10

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