Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust?

Papa Roach exploded into the mainstream with their mega-hit ‘Last Resort’ way back at the beginning of the 2000’s and have stayed a staple part of the Rock community since then. Across nine albums the band have diversified their sound and taken the core principles of what is classed as ‘Rock’ and given it a experimental slant. Here on their 10th album Who Do You Trust? , and a quick turn around after 2017’s Crooked Teeth they continue that trend.

Papa Roach have always been masters at melding Rock with Rap and nowhere is this more evident on ‘Renegade Music’. It’s persistent and rallying chorus and Rage Against The Machine style riffing are a nod to the forefathers of the scene even including a good old “Motherfucker!” at the end, Zach Del La Rocha style for good measure.

Sonically what’s immediately apparent is that the album sounds a bit flat, there simply isn’t enough low end, or bass if you will. The argument has been going on for years with seminal classics like Metallica’s …And Justice For All being the main culprit. Previous album Crooked Teeth felt like it had the heft and groove within it on tracks like ‘Sunrise Trailer Park (feat.Machine Gun Kelly)’ that had the warmth that feels glacier cool here.

On Crooked Teeth the band had a taste of how well they can write US Radio Rock with the absolutely classic in the making ‘Help’ and theres nothing quite like that here. On Who Do You Trust? every song is under the radio friendly four minute mark and it feels like the band are playing it a little bit too safe for its own good. Before you know it the song you’re just getting into has finished and you’re on to the next. The very nature of having songs this short makes the album feel disjointed and in a hurry to finish, not giving the listener a handle on the album as a whole.

Overall the album has some great Papa Roach songs that can sit alongside the aforementioned ‘Last Resort’ with this albums standout being ‘Feels Like Home’. It has the catchy pop-punk chorus, with the infectious lyrics sung by Jacoby Shaddix like only he knows how but this is few and far between. The album is a lesser work in their back catalogue but no means their worst, with a few standout tracks that would have worked better as maybe an EP rather than a full length.




Updated: Feb 01, 2019

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