Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Having sold in the region of 1.2 million records, this Las Vegas quartet are now on their third single, I Write Sins Not Tragedies previously available back in February as a digital only release. Well, its now getting a physical release, available as a CD and also in two special 7" editions. This is also backed up with four performances at The Brixton Academy, all of which are now sold out. They also tugged the rug out from under the Red Chilli Peppers, taking the 'Video of the Year' award for this very song at the VMA awards. This news causes me to stop and scratch my head, as I've seen this video on numerous occasions thanks to MTV, and each time thought "what a load of drama-club nonsense". Just goes to show how little I know...

From its plucked string intro and hand over the mouth "what a shocking little man I am" lyrics, this is reasonable enough, with crunchy guitars and that nagging "I'm a bit useless aren't I" emo vibe to it. It doesn't stop me wondering what on earth people are seeing in the overblown, dramatic personas P!ATD and similar bands like My Chemical Romance thrive on. Kids eh? At least in the 80's bands like The Associates did all this with a bit more panache, rather than whining about how crummy life is all the time.



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