P. Paul Fenech - The "F" Word

You can't imagine a solo album from the lead singer of psychobilly legends The Meteors setting the world alight and, in all honesty, it's difficult to see the mainstream music press even bothering to check something like this out. And that's a darned shame, because my own reticence was won over by an extremely solid collection of fun Americana, that I imagine showcases a wider range of influences than he gets to explore in the day job.

"Poison Heart" sounds like a gruff version of some of The Damned's mid-period excursions into melodramatic pop and "Agarrando ... " is an excellent instrumental that showcases Fenech's classy guitar chops. In fact he proves himself to be a bit of a guitar hero, with a melodic style of a kind you don't hear much of these days, effortlessly switching from rockier material to lighter country and blues sounds.

If there's any weakness, it's in the fairly basic production and - I'm guessing - use of programmed drums but the overall level of songwriting and musicianship is excellent. Maybe because someone like Fenech isn't as 'cool' as the likes of Jack White or Billy Childish means that he doesn't command the same profile. He might have the least rock 'n' roll name in uh ... rock 'n' roll and he might look like the kind of bouncer you would never, ever fuck with, but this most definitely gets the CD Times thumbs up.



out of 10
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