Obie Trice - Bottoms Up

Following his departure from Shady Records and the move to his independent label Black Market Entertainment, Obie Trice is back with his first solo release in six years. With the opener thanking Eminem, Cashis, Bobby Creekwater, D12 and all the rest of the Shady crew for their support, it is uplifting to hear that Obie is still tight with the people he worked with from the very beginning.

Bottoms Up is a treat for the die-hard fans who want to hear some of Obie's typical rapping style, and we're additionally treated to a move away from street talk, and introduced to some rather thought-provoking, emotional tracks. Production wise, the album is excellent, considering this is an independent release. Always seen as one of the more down to earth US based hip-hop artists, the chosen beats are a reflection of his personality. The nostalgic feel of the album will perhaps make it more appealing to the long-standing Trice fans, as it lacks the pop influences that most mainstream hip-hop artists use today.

Guest features are few and far between with just four collaborations over the sixteen tracks, but Obie's picks are top-class. Eminem and MC Breed feature on 'Richard' and 'Crazy' respectively, along with two collaborations with the less well-known but still very talented artists, Adrian Rezza and Drey Skonie. 'Richard' is a must listen track, and probably the first that many listeners will listen to owing to its contribution from Eminem. The reggae infused beat stands out from the rest of Bottoms Up, and Obie and Em bounce off each other perfectly. The song is generally very dark-humoured and Eminem is definitely using his alter-ego Slim Shady to execute his lyrics.

'Secrets' has a real flavour of the Obie Trice I fell in love with. An infusion of sexually explicit, yet hilarious, lyrics and laid back flow, the track is pure Obie. The hook reminds me of the late Nate Dogg in a way, and if he hadn't passed away I wonder if he could have featured?

Each track offers something different to the fans. A brilliant blend of deep, thoughtful lyrics and some comical content, Bottoms Up is the perfect contribution to 2012 hip-hop, and I'm so glad that Obie hasn't tried to enter the 'hip-pop' territory.



out of 10

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