Oasis - Lyla

Oasis are back with their first single in three years and, as might be suspected, it's rather underwhelming. It doesn't go anywhere, is a little bit monotonous and sounds like you'd expect Oasis to sound like. Having said that, it's the best thing Oasis have done for quite a while. Production is big, with heavy drums and a pounding rhythm section which is by far the best, and most striking, thing about it. The chorus has a good little hook, though, and it’s a song that could grow on you if you let it.

Is it enough, though? Probably. Oasis are as predictable as this review and this single isn’t strong enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end in the same way as any of the songs on their first couple of albums. It’s slightly catchy, slightly musical and has a slight impact. It is, in a word, a ‘nice’ song. Oasis fans probably won’t care and this will probably be chanted by beered-up goons in Ben Sherman shirts up and down the land upon it’s release. It’s somewhat churlish to complain about Oasis being Oasis, though. It’s what they do best and you can’t ignore the fact that their weak guitar rock formula has been rather successful for them. It’s not a song to hate or love, but rather a song that just sits there. What more would you expect?



out of 10
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