Nothing in my Way - Keane

There's nothing wrong with Keane. While some of their peers annoy with their pomposity and unashamed stealing, Keane appear to carry a little dignity within their piano-led rock balladry. I'll never be a passionate fan but that doesn't stop me appreciating that what they do is honest, heartfelt and never ugly.

'Nothing in my Way' drives like a cross between their own 'Somewhere Only we Know' and Coldplay's 'Yellow'. It blends ennui and rock dynamic and further manages to display emotion and musicality; on one level there really is nothing wrong with it ... but there's not enough right with it to truly excite. In chart terms, with this being the third single from second album 'Under the Iron Sea', I think we're in 'for fans only' territory.

'Nothing in my Way' is released on 30th October



out of 10
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