There’s an irresistible immediacy to NODZZZ. Time is not something to fritter away so not a moment is sacrificed to unnecessary fripperies such as production, arrangement or even haircuts. Even the music gets short shrift and the whole album is dispensed with in just sixteen precious minutes. Such brevity is the saving grace of the album for there is no time to get bored or irritated by the presence of NODZZZ.

Stylistically it is pretty loose, a slacker approach to the punk rock aesthetic which shares a groove in the damp mattress of lo-fidelity with Television Personalities and The Fall. The lack of pretension is the key and it places them in the lineage of classic rock n roll in which has far more in common with the lunatic, prototype garage rock of Hasil Adkins than with the arch, calculated noise of, say, Sonic Youth.

There’s a challenge in picking out highlights from an album shorter than most Orb singles but the curious might want to pay particular attention to ‘Highway Memorial Shrine’ which is an energetic but off kilter number which recreates the sound that Graham Coxon had in his head when he imagined what Blur sounded like. ‘Controlled Karaoke’ takes the riffage of ‘Clash City Rockers’ and somehow makes it work as a backing for their whimsical Americana. It all sounds like a Velvet’s bootleg recording but therein lies their charm. This is a record of the moment and for the moment; let’s not over analyse these things, it’s good fun while it lasts.



out of 10
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