Nine Black Alps - Shot Down

Nine Black Alps are seemingly the band of the moment currently. If the big new American band over here are the Bravery, then Nine Black Alps should be the new big British thing here. Well, they deserve it more than The Bravery at least anyway.
Choosing the now slightly underused ‘Tour lots, make no records for a bit, become successful’ method of being one of the most talked about indie-rock bands at the moment.

The Track itself is pretty neat, and sounding a lot better than the first time I heard it nearly 6 months previous, with its powerful riffs heading the backing, and the raw (un-Manchester like) vocal talent of Sam Forrest which actually works for a change.
Love them or Hate them, I can see Nine Black Alps being here to stay for the near future.

You should be hearing a lot more from Nine Black Alps in the near future, and expect their album (when its finally finished) to be a big one this coming summer.

'Shot Down' will be available on CD single and very limited edition 7" (Some signed)



out of 10
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