Nina Jayne - Anything

Last year's Could've Been release, despite being reviewed on this site, only found its way into the clubs, where it was greeted like a long lost friend but with the release of this single, Nina Jayne hopes to follow on that club success with one in the singles chart.

So the song's r'n'b - normally, I'd be steeling myself at the early mention of this most empty of genres - but with Jayne's half-Pakistani/half-Jamaican origins, this a whole clatter of beats, strings and oversized jewellery away from the likes of Usher. With the music a mix of London rhythms and eastern strings and Jayne's vocals sweeping about the song, maybe this is about being closer to Nina Jayne's London club scene than the bluster of US r'n'b but Anything, whilst not great, is better than anyone should really have expected.



out of 10
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