Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt by Humans

Having been Built By Robots back in summer 2007, come September everything will be Rebuilt by Humans. And you will be glad to hear that Faulkner has done it again; this is another acoustic, fingerstyle-powered album of pop pleasure.

Faulkner brings percussive guitar majestically back to our consciousness, combining his masterful handiwork with quirky electro beats and unusual melodies to create eccentric pop tracks. He uses his smooth vocals and emotive crescendos to occasional stunning effect. Piano, keyboard, string and beats all add depth and texture. Faulkner morphs his acoustic guitar into something bigger and poppier whilst craftily maintaining that quiet expressiveness which fingerstyle offers.

“Let’s Get Together” gets a bit summery with fun, bouncing guitar strums and funky percussion, whereas single “If This Is It” washes through you with poignant climaxes and a stunning chorus: passionate power pop at its very best.

However, after such gem-like perfection come the somewhat jarring melodies and peculiar riffs in songs like "Badman" and "Won't Let Go" which just miss the musical mark and show up Faulkner as more performer than composer. I can’t get used to this strange, idiosyncratic style which brings a definite ‘love or hate it’ quality to many tracks. But with flawless vocal and guitar the hits manage to outweigh the misses.



out of 10
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