New Woman Chick Flicks

With a whooping 43 tracks, no one can accuse the makers of this compilation of being stingy. They have also provided a real mixed bag of songs here - in fact, it is quite an interesting selection, covering not just recent films and not just recent songs. However, you can tell that they are targeting a certain type of market here - most of the films are from the part ten years, with a few 80's classics thrown in for good measure. Here is an album for the twenties and thirties - young mothers, girls on a night out, for all those who like to have a good sing into their hairbrush.

The first CD is the more "up" disc, starting, as all these compilations seem to do, with Robbie Williams. Dolly Parton would have been a far better way to kicks things off, her wonderful "9-5" still sounding fresh and exciting after all these years. From there on we get a real curious mix, lurching from "You Sexy Thing" to Badly Drawn Boy and Geri Halliwell's dreadful rendition of the dreadful "It's Raining Men". In fact, this disc is practically the entire Bridget Jones soundtrack album, with a dash of Dirty Dancing thrown in for flavour.

There are some great songs though on this first CD. We get Supergrass with "Alright", one for the lads to join in with, as indeed they can with Steve Harley as well. Feisty woman get the chance to slag off their man with songs like Bitch and Love is a Battlefield. And rounding things off at the end we have Kylie's marvellous "Can't Get You Out of my Head", one of the greatest pop songs of recent years. So the first CD is a peculiar mix that is occasionally pretty good but mostly pretty average.

The second disc is a lot slower, starting with The Righteous Brothers and "Unchained Melody", used in Ghost, and carrying on a similar theme of a more sedate pace through the CD. From the start we get "Moon River" from Breakfast at Tiffany's" (although like most people of my age, I remember it more from Fletch for some reason), Andy Williams singing from "Love Story", and the obligatory Eva Cassidy track. Sadly, we also have to endure the likes of Phil Collins and Roxette. It ends though with the brilliant "Playground Love" by Air, an incredible piece of music with an atmosphere all it’s own, a perfect combination of film and song.

This isn't a bad compilation by any means. As usual, there is a fair amount of filler, but on the whole this is the sort of album that, in the right frame of mind, you could really enjoy.



out of 10
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