Natasha Bedingfield - Single

Having read the PR brief, I'm still at a loss as to whether Natasha Bedingfield is related to Daniel. On hearing this single, I rather hope she isn't, as it would mean a gradual fading from being a sparkling pop hopeful to writing dreary ballads for Trisha's daytime audience.

Natasha Bedingfield has asked a number of successful producers to co-write with her on what is to be Bedingfield's debut album, including Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner, both of whom have worked with Christina Aguilera, Kelly Rowland and Janet Jackson. Bedingfield's debut release, Single, which has come out of those writing sessions, is a sassy few minutes of tough funk in which she declares herself happy being without a man.

Closer to the 'girl power' of the Spice Girls than the feeble love songs of Beyoncé, this is a good single should you know any fourteen-year-old girls and a better choice than the desperately poor Westlife, if only to give them the feeling that not holding hands with a sweating, spotty boy of a similar age need not be the end of their world.



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