Natalie Prass - The Future And The Past

They talk about the difficult second album, but what if you treated it like it was your first all over again? Well, it seems that's exactly what Natalie Prass has done. In leaving behind the super effective kooky-indie style of her self-titled 2015 debut, the Ohio-born singer has completely reset the dial and delivered a surprise the second time around.

As a label Spacebomb are getting quite the reputation for putting out slightly left of centre releases, including co-founder Matthew E. White's own music. Prass' debut fit perfectly into the wheelhouse of the label, with it's chilled out indie-pop, and sun-glazed singer it felt like everything the label stood for. So it's in keeping with that left-field vibe that The Future And The Past is really nothing like that first album.

Lead single 'Short Court Style' puts a statement out there about the style of the record, it's still chilled out, but more funky, more groovy, and more throwback than anything on Natalie Prass. With the statement of 'Sisters' and the slow burn sway of 'Hot For The Mountain', not to mention the different shades of 70s soul on 'Never Too Late' and 'Ship Goes Down'.

When you listen carefully to The Future And The Past it actually sounds very much like its predecessor, not only through its creator's distinctive vocals but in its love of soul and funk. All of which means the past and the future come together on this album, it's almost like someone planned it.


Sassy and funk-laden, this is the sound of an artist expanding their boundaries.


out of 10

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