My Architects - Under the Pines

Hailing from Warrington, My Architects released their debut album Grand Designs earlier this year. This single is the second lifted from the album that has been described as "heroically understated songs for lonely twilight hours". It is true that there is a certain dreamlike quality to the two songs on this single, both of which are very fine indeed.

The intro to Under the Pines suggests almost a continental vibe, full of light touches. The chorus takes the song to another place, beautifully recorded with some excellent guitar work. The mix on this song, undertaken by Ian Grimble (Travis, Manics) is assured and has resulted in a quality track, full of longing and emotion. The perfect song to listen to whilst sitting under a tree in fact.

Second track A Sequel does not quite hit the heights of its flipside, but its still got plenty of charm. A tapped percussion and a rolling guitar pattern lead you along, with plenty of reverb on the guitars and vocals. The guitars do sound lovely, bringing to mind the style of bands such as Chapterhouse and Lush, but with a more modern approach and sound.

Two very good songs, and a band well worth checking out. Under the Pines is an excellent piece of melody, full of optimistic melancholy with a sprinkling of sorrow for good measure.

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out of 10
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