My Architects - Grand Designs

I am sure we are all familiar with the TV show, when a family decide to build their new house, pretty much from scratch, on top of an old ruin - attempting something fresh and original out of an established building in an attempt to revitalise their lives. Whether this is the grand design behind this, the debut album from My Architects, remains to be seen. But true to the title, they have built upon a style of music very familiar, laying the foundations of something new.

Recorded in France with James Sanger (who has previously worked with Keane and personally requested that he be involved with My Architects), this Warrington five piece have made an album with quite a continental sound. Current single Under the Pines has a very French feel to it, with some wonderful guitar work. Lists also has a very bohemian feel to it, gentle guitar set to a spacious backing. Under the Pines is undoubtedly the best song here, with a beautiful, shimmering guitar straight out of Coldplay's 'Shiver'.

A close second though comes Airborne, the debut single. Played a lot earlier in the year by Zane Lowe, this song benefits from a passionate, well-crafted chorus, lifting the song into visions of flight and blue skies. Also worthy of mention is What Would You Do?, bright guitar and cascading cymbals against an unusual time signature. It is a song full of angles and corners, with a great deal of originality.

My Architects have achieved something very special in this release, which could see them wrestling with the big boys before too long. This is an honest, down to earth record, well crafted and full of passion and strength. There is no doubt that this album will lead them onto building something even more special next time around.

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