Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Muse are certainly no stranger to the download single. The lead track Stockholm Syndrome from their third album, Absolution, was made available as a download only single back in those dim distant days before the Itunes music store opened up shop. And now, ahead of their fourth album due in July, they have made available a taster in the form of Supermassive Black Hole.

It is certainly something very different, sounding unlike anything they have ever performed before. Full of heavy vocoder and a Prince-lite vocal, this comes across as "Muse at the disco", with a thumping beat and little of the fiddly-diddly guitar and operatics that Matt Bellamy is known for.

All this aside though, it is a pretty good track, and a good sign that the band wish to develop and not stand still. It certainly will come as a surprise to some - it is far from instantly recognisable as Muse, and if it is a clear indication of the sound of the new album, some fans I think are going to be disappointed. I for one though look forward to hearing where they are going to take things next.

The album Black Holes and Revelations is due for release on the 3rd July.



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