MSTRKRFT - Fist Of God

MSTRKRFT (master craft, not Mr. Kroft) may have the same aversion to vowels and love of capitalisation as MGMT and XTRMNTR-era Primal Scream, but their second album, Fist Of God, isn't in the same league as either. In case it's not obvious from the artwork, the emphasis here is on the Fist. From the opening track, It Ain’t Love, the desired comparison would seem to be being thrown into a brawl; every beat a brutal kick to the head and backed up by a growling synth, like a rottie on a short leash. Yet, although abrasive, the material is too generic to excite. This is a sound that's been worked to death recently, stretching back through Justice and Digitalism to Daft Punk's earlier work.

The rather lame twist here is the recruitment of various R&B stars and rappers. But do they drag the record in any interesting direction? Nope, although the John Legend-starring Heartbreaker does at least offer some mellow relief. It's certainly classy compared to Word Up, on which Ghostface Killah swears a lot over a backing track that sounds like it's been pumped full of steroids and is about as appealing as a pig pumped full of them.



out of 10
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