Motorhead - The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 1 Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else

Whoah! Here's one for the hardcore. Released in half a dozen formats (including a unique limited edition of just 1000 actual leather 12" copies, which the label reckon sounds as good as 180gm vinyl), here's the grandaddies of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in gut-busting, globe-trotting form.

A baffling crossover hybrid of speed metal and punk, maybe their untypical provenance (Lemmy did, after all, spend his formative years space-trucking with Hawkwind) had more of an impact on their developing sound and approach than their more formulaic (or, even, ambitious) peers. While the likes of, say, Iron Maiden dabbled with prog-rock, their songs referencing the occult, literature and routinely clocking in at the ten minute mark, Motorhead never veered away from the original blueprint: three minutes, fast as fuckity-fuck, get in-get out. Wham bam, thank you Hammersmith.

The main DVD feature on this bulging package was recorded in Santiago earlier this year as part of the band's The World Is Ours World Tour. What is it about the South American music fan that keeps them so enamoured of classic metal? Recent jaunts by both Maiden and AC/DC have exploited the continent's obsession with keeping it loud. Here fans both new and old converge for 90 minutes of ear bashing. Filmed in a fetching shade of 'Motorhead Monochrome' (black and white), the effect is at first startling and then almost compelling. (The subsequent snapshots, filmed in NYC and Manchester, are both in colour.)

Reducing everything to simply the performance is as effective as it is novel. To their credit, line-up changes over the past four decades aside, Motorhead still sound like Motorhead, rather than mere self-copyists. Lemmy, of course, sounds like no-one else on earth. 'Ace of Spades', 'Killed By Death', a bruising 'Iron First' (still their smartest tune) to close, are highlights. The crowd goes nuts and then some. Maybe there's a lesson there, that the band's ongoing popularity (and respect outside of the metal scene) makes inarguably clear: stick to your principles and your audience sticks with you.



out of 10

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