Morrissey - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

This is one of the highlights from Morrissey's recent long-player, Ringleader of the Tormentors, and feels like a classic slice of Mozza brilliance. The crashing riffs and energy of his early solo singles are echoed here, it's a brief 3 mintue piece of pure-pop self and only augmented by a trumpet solo croaking through the guitars at the end. The lyrics all cover familiar Morrissey territory - death, suicide and hope all delivered with his usual aplomb and pomp. Whilst the official b-side Sweetie-Pie is a little lack lustre, it certainly sounds a little different for Morrissey - all distorted vocals and ethereal sounds and echoes, not sure if this is a sign of a new direction at all, but it certainly develops his more prog-rock sound...

However, the true highlight is a live version of The Smiths classic I Want The One I Can't Have, one of my personal favourites, but it does capture what is so great about Morrissey - his live shows. His voice has never sounded so good, the rhythm section at their jangly best and it feels like I'm regressing to my youth... Ahhh, what bliss...



out of 10
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