Moddi - Floriography

Floriography is the “language of flowers”, a way of sending coded messages through arrangements of different types of flowers. Is this debut studio album be a lavender rose (love at first sight) or lettuce (cold hearted)?

Pål Moddi Knutsen hails from the island of Senja in northern Norway. This is a land of extremes, between dark cold winters and midnight sun summers, bathed in the Aurora Borealis. From this backdrop Moddi has produced an album of charm, of resonance, of beauty. Built from a acoustic guitar, with additional strings, an accordion with occasional piano these songs grow passed an initial folky charm to occupy their own territory.

His songs are filled with contemplation, hinting at relationships lost, the flux of the seasons and a restlessness built on regret. Violence, or at least the threat of it, can sometimes feel close. This introspective feel is matched perfectly by the music which can be fragile at times, whilst ebbing and flowing to near outbursts in which he borders on shouting.

This is an assured album that demands your attention and once given rewards it, enveloping you in its lush yet contrasting landscapes. In the language of floriography this album can be described by hibiscus: a rare delicate beauty.



out of 10
Tags Folk, Norway
Category Review

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