Moby - Wait For Me (Deluxe)

A few months after its original release Moby’s Wait For Me album gets a deluxe reissue which augments the original with an ambient remix disc and a DVD of live performances and promo videos.

Of all the Moby projects in recent memory Wait For Me is certainly the one most deserving of the bells and whistles approach. He undoubtedly succeeded in his ambition to create the perfect, maudlin album to accompany those grey Sunday mornings spent gazing wistfully through rain sodden windows. It hangs together beautifully, from the elegiac instrumental ‘Shot In The Back Of The Head’ through to the gothic tinged post-punk gloom of ‘Mistake’, the only song to feature Moby on vocals. Elsewhere the vocal duties are distributed amongst friends and acquaintances from his neighbourhood. This is a masterstroke as, not only are the performances astonishing in their own right, there’s no celebrity guest star bullshit to detract from the holistic, mournful character of the album. The homegrown aspect of the release doesn’t end with the guest performers as Wait For Me was recorded in Moby’s bedroom, released on his own record label and he designed all the delightfully endearing artwork. The album benefits from these personal touches, offering up more and more with each repeated listen.

A hugely rewarding album in its own right then, but what of the deluxe extras? Well, as discussed above, this is very much an album in a minor key and therefore it is questionable whether an ambient version was strictly necessary. Not quite ambient enough for a floatation tank session and yet too ephemeral to hold the attention, it lacks a sense of purpose. The bonus DVD however is a different story for, while the live footage is patchy, the impossible cute cartoon interview between Moby (as the ‘little idiot’) and a dog, in space is essential viewing. Speaking of which, each of the three promo videos for ‘Mistake’ included here are worth the price of admission, the best being the ‘little idiot’ cartoon which adds a new, emotionally charged element to an already powerful song. The David Lynch video for ‘Shot In The Back Of The Head’ is, as you might expect, dark, disturbing and Kafkaesque while the heartrending animation made to accompany the gorgeously maudlin ‘Pale Horses’ is as gutwrenching as Bambi. Oh, damn, I’ve got something in my eye again (sniffle)…



out of 10

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