Mithras - Time Never Lasts

The announcement of the reunification of Raynor Coss and Leon Macey in Mithras earlier this year was greeted with both joy and the anticipation of new material from the sci-fi death metallers. It has been eight years since the band were catapulted into the community's consciousness by the infamous 10/10 Terrorizer review of the admittedly brilliant Worlds Beyond The Veil (not ashamed to add I was one who bought the album because of that), and nearly four long years since any new material has emerged. So as a taster for next year's fourth full length, we have been treated to the new EP in Time Never Lasts, and this little shot does not disappoint.

The main point of interest here are the two brand new tracks, and the band not only deliver, but do so with aplomb. Both the title track and 'Inside The Godmind' are monumental doses of the most brutal extreme metal, complete with Mithras' unique addition of space-age guitars that dance an intricate pattern around the thunderous blast beats and crushing riffs. A remarkable leap has been made too in the production quality of the new songs, all the instruments weighing more than a planet, yet each clearly defined and bright in the mix; even as the synth-imitating guitars take over and solos are fired out at light speed, the clarity is remarkable and with no concession of outright power to boot.

The other half of this EP is three live tracks from one of the all-too-few gigs Mithras managed a few years ago; my fear was that they would be no more than reasonable bootlegs, but thankfully they are a high quality documentations of what sounded like a blistering and energetic gig. Once again, the individual instruments are clearly audible, and their technical prowess is on show for all to hear. Stripped of their studio hideaway, the band are still able to unleash extra-terrestrial hell, especially on the vastly complex 'Tomb Of Kings' from debut Forever Advancing .... Legions. Time Never Lasts will whet the collective appetite of all with even the slightest interest in Mithras, so roll on the new record.



out of 10
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