Missy Elliott - I'm Really Hot

Says here that Missy Elliott does a little production work for Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child and Justin Timberlake but listening to this and, a few years ago, Get Ur Freak On, she and Timbaland hold the good stuff back for themselves.

Get Ur Freak On is one of the greatest singles of the last few years or so - a clash of Missy's rapping, Timbaland's clipped beats, some Japanese guy, I dunno, counting and stuttering sound effects that, sticking only to hip-hop, made it just as thrilling as the first Wu-Tang album, PE's Fear... or the first ten minutes from Ice Cube's The Predator...it was that great.

No matter that Missy Elliott and Timbaland might have only got it once with Get Ur Freak On, I'm Really Hot is almost as good. It opens with the charge of a live crowd over which Missy Elliott hollers it up before the beats come in, getting back to the rush of noise, rhythms and rap from Hammersmith that opened Public Enemy's Nation Of Millions although, mercifully, I'm Really Hot lacks an intro from 'Dangerous' Dave Pearce.

Backed up by a version of Pass That Dutch on the CD single and Instrumental and Explicit and Clean versions of the I'm Really Hot on the 12" single, this is so good it just isn't enough so instead of this one single, buy the This Is Not A Test and Miss E...So Addictive albums and get the best of modern hip-hop.

As part of the promotion of this single, there's a microsite available here...

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