Missill - Mix Shake

Spacemen 3 once sang about The Sound of Confusion but, looking back to those quaint times, what they were actually describing was the sound of middle-class, class-C fuelled ennui. No my friends, this is the sound of confusion. Beats come raining in like white hot flaming arrows, piercing and searing the synapses while the sub-bass sends out shockwaves to every ‘booty’ in the area; if Hieronymous Bosch were transported to 2009 then this album would be the ideal soundtrack to his scenes of post-modern purgatory. All modern life is here: hip-hop; electro, ragga, house and breaks are welded together to create a cacophony of pounding beats.

So, it’s all good then? Well, if you’ve got a sub-bass in place of the back seats in your blinged up Nova then, yeah you have all the ammunition you need here to make everyone you career past wince in despair and wish for the halcyon days of the punk rock, when ‘da yoof’ were so much more polite and well mannered. If you haven’t then, no. It isn’t all good. Don’t get me wrong, the artwork, designed by Missill herself, is a stunning mix of cute creatures, evil intentions and eye melting colour. The collected tracks are all perfectly selected and sound immense but, at the end of the day, all we have here is a slightly more credible manifestation ofJive Bunny. Fundamentally this album is the sound of a frenchwoman putting on some records and making the beats line-up. As someone who’s previously dabbled as a House DJ, I subscribe to theJazzie B school of thought which is that any idiot with 2 turntables can mix some tunes together.

So that is what Mix Shake ultimately is, a sort Now That’s What I Call Wikkid Safe which features tunes from artistes such as Crookers, J-Dilla, SebastiAn, Blaqstarr, Mr Oizo, Glitch Mob, Bloody Beetroots and Shadow Dancer. It is, I suppose, the ideal, bargain bucket alternative to having a proper DJ play at your party but, come on kids, what happens when someone requests Agadoo or some Bay City Rollers? You’ll look a fool in front of your guests – sometimes you just have to think these things through. And some of the language, well I never! Colourful? it might make someone choke on a vol-au-vent. Let’s make it simple, get your birth certificates out, if the year of birth is pre-1990 then forget it; grab yourself some Werthers originals and a copy of Hooked on Classics, now that’s proper music.



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