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If a look at Miss Kittin's website gives the impression she has many bizarre ideas jostling for position in her head, I Com thankfully delivers on this promise. To date, the French DJ/producer (real name: Caroline Herve) is perhaps best known for providing vocals on Felix Da Housecat's Silver Screen (Shower Scene), but, this, her first solo album, certainly ought to up her recognition factor. As a female artist, she's more akin to, say, Bjork than Dido; there are no bland daytime radio anthems here. Miss Kittin is clearly on another planet, and one suspects she's not the sort to make concessions.

So, providing you're open to a bit of quirkiness, mainly derived from Kittin's French accent and the entertainingly odd lyrcis, I Com makes for a cool set of tunes. House, electro-clash, and punk attitude all come together in a way that vaguely recalls Basement Jaxx's Kish Kash album.

Requiem For A Hit, perhaps a comment on misogyny in the music industry and the album's most interesting track, consists mainly of a male voice intoning the line "I'll beat that bitch with a hit" over a near hip-hop beat. Kittin's occasional interruptions ("Would you mind to... pump?") and a short burst of melody lend it a schizophrenic air akin to Outkast's Ghetto Musick. Along with the house-inflected Allergic and Soundtrack of Now, people should be going crazy in the clubs to this - but, hey, we know there's no real justice in the world.

In contrast, the epic Dub About Me is a slow, soothing number. 3eme Sex, sung completely in French, possibly a ballad, and Neukolln 2 are surely nods to Serge Gainsbourg and Kraftwerk respectively. Clone Me is deliciously mental, its subject matter multiple Miss Kittins, as if one isn't enough. Professional Distortion and Meet Sue Be She (get it?) may just colour the record with sufficient guitar to drag in any wandering rock fans.

It's easy to imagine detractors declaring I Com self-consciously hip, but, with always interesting production and Kittin's strong eclectic personality to the fore, those looking for something close to the cutting of electronic music will not be disappointed.




out of 10
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