Minotaur Shock - Maritime

The plinky-plonky sounds that open this album might, if you’re of the right mindset, remind you of some impossibly obscure Eastern European children’s show made by utter lunatics. It would ‘star’ a sock, a shoe and some lively garden tools and contain umpteen drug references, which would make it unfeasibly popular with students and simply irritate and confuse everybody else.

Which can also be applied to Minotaur Shock. It’s a slightly confused album which sometimes sounds as though it’s going to be great but then falls flat - a couple of electronic beats that simply don’t inspire anything other than mild boredom. A track like 'Vigo Bay' fools you in this way, the opening seconds sound quite inspiring, look like it’s going to lift the album somewhat, but then fails. The whole album continues in similar vein. Musically, it sounds rather like a soundtrack for a porn film starring fish.

It’s difficult to recommend this album to anyone. It’s nice, and that’s not really a compliment here. It goes out of its way not to offend anyone with anything too complicated or too exciting and merely chugs along under its own steam for a little while, then stops. Tremendously unexciting.



out of 10
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