Mika - Grace Kelly

Despite being such an uptight nation, the Brits have always been rather good at accepting pop flamboyance. From Bowie in the 70’s to the New Romantics of the 80’s, a steady stream of arty glamour has burst over these shores into the charts and minds of the music scene. The BBC Entertainment website has heralded Mika as “the sound of 2007”, and it is a brazen, ostentatious sound, barely managing to keep itself on the right side of pretentious.

On the first listen Grace Kelly is the musical equivalent to a four year olds tantrum, a hissy fit increasing in pitch as the chorus raises itself up to a childish squeal. However, its one of those songs that improves with each subsequent listening – tolerable by the third attempt, and bordering on pleasurable by the time the song has been drilled into your brain. And believe me, we’ll get the chance to listen to it, repeatedly – it’s the most played song on Radio Two at the moment and it’s only a matter of time before other stations follow.

Mika borrows liberally from the likes of George Michael, The Scissor Sisters and most famously Freddie Mercury (who even gets a name-check in this song). However, he does seem to be a genuine talent, and this material is everything Ta-Dah should have been. Its flash rather than gaudy, and whilst it might get on the nerves of the guitar and two veg brigade, the BBC might just be right this year.

The album, Life in Cartoon Motion, is released on the 5th February 2007, and is reviewed here on CDTimes.



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