Michael Fakesch - Dos

Dos is a terribly unimaginative title for a second album. Happily for everyone, producer extraordinaire Michael Fakesch has clearly invested a hell of a lot more time and effort crafting his sophomore solo record into a hugely enjoyable slice of off-beat pop than he did in choosing a name for it.

It's clear from that outset that this is an LP designed to make you move your body - from opener Escalate's scintillating digital stomp, it defiantly refuses to settle down and behave itself. Wire, a slinky number drenched in filthy electronic glitches, is an equally strong effort, while Channel and Miko are elegantly textured up-tempo jams. Fakesch sees fit to throw in a few curveballs for good measure, with a selection of shorter tracks including Blackbird, Crest and On The Floor harking back to the artist's more experimental work with electronica duo Funkstörung without ruining the album's flow. Elsewhere, the bouncy Give It To Me, with its vibrant cut-and-paste hip hop feel and guestspot from human beatbox Jurczok 1001 provides another high point on an impressively coherent and consistently impressive body of work.

It's impossible to get through a review of this album without mentioning how clearly in thrall it is to the back catalogue of Prince, from the occasionally eye-watering falsetto of Cameron Mizell, the second talent involved in the creation of this project, to the album's abundance of funky, bass-happy rhythms and extroverted musical flourishes. Indeed, if his Purpleness had chosen to hook up with Fakesch on his latest album rather than being content to rest on his laurels then perhaps the world would be sitting up and taking notice of his contemporary output for the first time in a good long while - but as it is we've been gifted this intense, marvelously inventive work that could be just what you're looking for if Planet Earth left you feeling decidedly cold.



out of 10
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