mewithoutYou - Pale Horses

After leaving their hardcore roots behind for the last two albums, MewithoutYou return to the fold and push up the ante with Pale Horses, their sixth full length. For all the increase in distortion and Rickie Manzotta's heavier drumming, the melodic subtlety and lyrical dexterity remain central. Aaron Weiss' voice is now using both his soft folksy range as well as his powerful scream/shout that made their early records so intense – in this case, it works perfectly with the material that covers the heady themes of terminal decline, apocalypse and death.

Musically, this album seems to be floating somewhere between Neutral Milk Hotel, Mogwai and the Pixies but still remains a unique band evolving even further in their abilities. Like most of their albums, this one is a real slow burner with repeated listens enhancing the quality of the songwriting and the production values. In his conversation with Death on 'Blue Hen', Weiss sings “You know where to find us / Our best years behind us” - based on this album, he couldn't be further from the truth.




out of 10
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