Meloboy - Hot Love

It's a shame Meloboy is from Cologne. Had he lived in dear old Blighty, we may have been able to invoke new Government anti-terrorist legislation and have him put under house arrest. We could have perhaps also banned him from communicating with the outside world. And all to stop him committing anything as bad as this to record ever again.

A cover of the T Rex song, Hot Love involves a "shuffle" beat ("standard dance beats" are apparently "too straight" for Meloboy) and a simperingly awful vocal. It's lo-fi electronica in the same sense as the busker with a keyboard who ruins your trip into the city centre. Once you've heard the 'la-la-la' bit for what seems like the millionth time, you may just conclude Meloboy is more irritating than Crazy Frog and Gwen Stefani rolled into one. If this is intended as some sort of camp joke, no-one is laughing.



out of 10
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