Martin Craft - Emily Snow

This is very chilled out acoustic rock that slowly builds and adds layers in a quite lovely sort of way. Low-key harmonies and fat acoustic chords lying just underneath the melodies give it quite a nice 70's sort of feel. There are also some nice little bells, but, sadly, no whistles and ultimately, the title track is just a little bit too flimsy to sustain interest. It does attempt to hammer home some more lasting impressions towards the end, but it's too little and too late.

Happily, the B-side fares better. 'Sweets' is a far more interesting little song, which has a plodding beat and downbeat melody but an arresting hook and a dirty guitar break that lifts the song nicely. 'Dragonfly' is a delicately constructed little acoustic song that is, again, a little too flimsy and lightweight for it's own good. This is not a bad single, and shows much promise but these on here are a little too samey.

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out of 10
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