Marjorie Fair - Stare

The album, Self Help Serenade, is being released in a fortnight - and a review will follow in the coming days - but already there is a steady growth of interest in the gentle ebb and flow of psychedelia within Marjorie Fair's take on country rock.

Stare is one of the better songs from Self Help Serenade, offering a glimpse of the Marjorie Fair sound within its opening seconds as acoustic guitars are played over bursts of white noise that fade in an out of the track. With these moments reappearing throughout Stare, the song also features the kind of melancholy pop as offered in recent years by Grandaddy and Mercury Rev whilst also recalling the romantic sound of late-sixties, West Coast rock as once recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

That Marjorie Fair currently live in Los Angeles should be of little surprise as the sun-kissed melody of Stare could have come from the same sessions from Laurel Canyon Drive that allowed The Mamas And The Papas to record Monday Monday.

Backed up by Self Help Serenade's How Can You Laugh as well as Science Of Your Mind and Timmy, this is a good introduction to the wonderful mix of space-rock and folk that's all over their forthcoming and highly recommended album.



out of 10
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