Margo Price - All American Made

Following up a hugely well-received debut is not an easy task. Many artists fail or certainly don't quite reach those heady heights again. It's a task that Margo Price has taken head-on, and successfully accomplished. Just 18 months on from the stunning Midwest Farmer's Daughter Price is out to show that was no fluke. From the honky-tonk opening of 'Don't Say It' this takes a path less worn, trying on many country music styles to see how they fit. The continuous thread of All American Made is Price herself; her distinctive voice and her own lyrical style.

As good as the band and Price are, it's her songs that impress the most. The singer-songwriter takes pride in saying it like it is, whether it's gender inequality on 'Pay Gap' ("It's not that I'm asking for more than I'm owed / And I don't think I'm better than you"), or the wasteland of farming that the US has become on 'Heart Of America'. Her heroes get a nod too, Tom Petty on the title track, Levon Helm on 'A Little Pain', and Willie Nelson gets to duet on 'Learning To Lose'. Then there's the brilliant one-two of the woozy bar crawl that's 'Cocaine Cowboy' and 'Nowhere Fast' which is typically Price.

There's a surge of excellent music coming out of the Americana scene right now, ploughing its own path away from the glamour of mainstream Nashville, and with All American Made Margot Price has put herself right at the very heart of it.


A stunning follow up, made of graft, craft, heart, and life experience.



out of 10

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