Mansun - Slipping Away

Ever since the shock announcement back in 2003 that Mansun were splitting up, fans have often wondered what happened to the legendary final album the band were always contracted to. Well, the remnants of that album were mixed together by (lead singer) Paul Draper and formed the bones to a release called ‘Kleptomania’ a 3 CD set from which this single is taken from.

Slipping Away is the final single release from Mansun, and possibly one of their finest. The two brand new tracks in this 7” only single release are from the bands ‘lost’ fourth album, and the release of Slipping away marks 9 years since the very first single (Take it easy chicken) under a then titled Manson.

The song itself is a very laid back, relaxed affair from Mansun with a certain edge of grit to it that Paul Draper was always famed for. It has all the perfect elements of a Mansun song (ie. excellent guitar work, Chad on backing and toetapping drumbeats) and manages to encapsulate them all into a well defined slice of post brit-pop rock. Getting your way is the B-side, and ultimately it could have been a double a-side really, as both songs are equally as good as each other. ‘Getting your way’ sounds like it could have been lifted off any Mansun album so far, a sort of bonus track that never was.

All in all this final single release is a pleasure to listen to, and certainly wets the appetite for the forthcoming 'Kleptomania' CD set. Go and buy yourself a copy now, you certainly won’t regret it.




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