M Craft - You Are The Music EP

Described as a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Serge Gainsbourg, the new song by Martin Craft is a wonderful piece of music, strangely mournful and uplifting. And on this wonderful release, not only do we hear his original composition but two widely different interpretations by two completely different artists.

The original version of You Are The Music is a lush piece of melody, with a bumpy bassline and a guitar line harking back to the sound of Chic and Orange Juice. Its wonderful stuff, a rich, intricate piece of music that sounds great. The two other versions are pretty fine as well, taking the song to the opposite ends of the spectrum. Whilst King Creosote's cover is slow and mournful, performed mostly on an accordian, Ali Love turns it into a shimmering piece of electro, straight out of a roller-disco.

This is an excellent song on a quality release, a much more interesting concept than the usual remixes. Other artists could and should take note.



out of 10
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