Two years in the making, LUMP is the culmination of a chance introduction between Mercury prize-winning producer, and founding member of Tunng and Throws, Mike Lindsay and Brit Award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Marling. With Lindsay spending months crafting the floating soundscape, Marling provides the missing piece to the collaboration’s self-titled debut.

Musically, LUMP is a deceptively sparse offering with it’s stripped back guitars, punctuated by Moog synth stabs and staccato drums. Delve deeper, however, and the album is a rolling beast evoking the Icelandic landscape where Lindsay produces the majority of his music – equal parts bleak desolation and colourful floating dream with its subtle drones, flutes, and Marling’s voice weaving in and out of proceedings. Highlights of the album include the Portishead-like ‘Rolling Thunder’, album opener ‘Late to the Flight’ with it’s lead character dreaming of death – literally or figuratively, and the slinking bass-driven ‘Curse of the Contemporary’ dripping with a hefty amount of cynicism of the modern age – “We salute the sun / Because when the day is done / We can’t believe what we’ve become / Something else to prey upon.”.

LUMP is a true collaborative effort, taken separately they would be fine pieces of work, but the joint forces of Lindsay’s glacial soundscape and Marling’s world weary lyrics and distinctive vocals elevate the project to a different level. Marling and Lindsay have stated that they are keen to stress that LUMP is a creation that passed through them, and they look upon it parentally. It is their understanding that, now it has come into being, LUMP is the artist, and it will continue to create itself from here on. Lindsay and Marling will assist it as necessary. This writer would be interested to see what their lovechild gets up to next.

Dominic Ross

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

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