Luke Vibert - We Hear You

It's not often I get the opportunity to be proud of where I'm from. I'm not a rugby fan and Brenda Wootton makes me want to hack my ears off with a rusty scythe. So it's nice when something from Cornwall comes along that I can clamber to the top of Brown Willy tor and shout about. In terms of electronic music us Cornish have the Aphex Twin and we have Luke Vibert - a winning hand in any game of electronica Top Trumps.

We Hear You is Vibert's 19th album, if you include his material as Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, Plug, Ace Of Clubs and others since his first release in 1993. The last few albums have been pretty much exclusively instrumental bleepy 303/808/909 acid style techno. We Hear You is a radical departure from that. And it's quite possibly the best thing he's ever done.

From the off the change of style is evident, vocal mash-ups and a new palette of sounds leap from the speakers. Horns and flutes blast out. Breakbeats crash into one another as lyrics spat with fierocity skip along them with style and panache. It’s evident that Luke hasn’t accidentally left his Roland synths on the bus, they are in the mix but they are no longer centre stage.

'Square Footage' has a melody that effortlessly glides over the dancefloor beat, 'Hot Sick' bubbles and pops like a copper pan full of red hot pixies. Each track has its own identity. There is cohesiveness across the album without it ever becoming repetitive.

Notable for one of my favourite track titles this year, ‘Porn Shirtwee’ is a twisted version of 70’s game show music played as the podium rotates to show prizes from the home of the future. It’s almost as if all the sounds and samples left off the last few albums have been put in a box under Luke’s stairs and allowed to ferment and interbreed only to bound off in every direction when accidentally opened.

A tremendously diverse and deranged menagerie of thirteen electronic chums that your life will be worse off without. Or in Cornish - Pur Dha!




out of 10
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