Luke Slater - Traktion Action

Released as a stop-gap stand-alone 12” through Novamute whilst Luke Slater sorts out his fifth album, Traktion Action is a frenetic, hostile and deeply uncompromising assault into the plundered depths of many past genres. At times the sound slams from seventies glam and ends up as nineties techno via eighties synthesiser Gothicism. At eleven minutes, the track is layered to allow a slow, but intense build-up that threatens to boil over at any moment. It’s deliberately arduous, and maintains a hardcore attitude which arrests attention.

First track on the flip-side is entitled Intensity; ironic considering it’s less intense than Traktion Action. It has a more accessible rhythm that would have suited dance-floors of more than ten years ago, and it serves as a decent middle-ground between the first track and EDBD, which sounds like a heavily-distorted guitar that veers off the scale into penetrative electronica.

The three tracks featured on this EP all perpetrate the schizophrenia of Slater’s musical output to perfect effect, with many sub-genres bleeding in and out of the mix. Whilst it’s difficult to form a clear conception of what his proper album will sound like, the wait is still just as interesting.



out of 10
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