Lovebites - Clockwork Immortality

Having only been a band for the best part of two years Lovebites have hit the ground running. Within that two year lifespan the Tokyo based five-piece have released a self titled EP, an impassioned debut entitled Awakening From Abyss and a mini-album Battle For Damnation so with the release of their latest record Clockwork Immortality their world dominating plans are coming along strong.

Formed by bassist Miho, who with a love of NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Saxon has got together other like minded musicians and developed their sound across their discography with a modern take on the bands that have come before. 2018’s Battle Against Damnation had Lovebites’ power metal influences at the forefront with a sprinkling of symphonic overtones and Clockwork Immortality (a none more Prog title if there ever was one) develops these influences upping the technical aspects to a whole new level.

Opening track ‘Addicted’ starts off with a furious Spanish Flamenco guitar style before it gives way to ‘Pledge of Saviour’ with a detonating vocal line by vocalist Asami while guitarists Midori and Miyami grind out a enduring riff straight out of the Maiden playbook. If Maiden are all over that then Metallica are all over ‘M.D.O’ with its Master of Puppets era style riffing and a band wide gang vocal begging for crowd interaction (Lovebites played Bloodstock last year, the only way forward is to grace the stage again at Donnington)

If Lovebites can do all of these things within their short lifespan so far, who knows what the future holds. There is a feeling of, if it’s this good, have they already hit their potential, like an actor winning an Oscar on their first film, but the potential that Lovebites clearly show has been improved and developed here. There isn’t a mid-album sag as you can sometimes get, the album seems to ascend through the mid-section, with enough variety and a full sounding production to boot, the future for Lovebites looks bright, but the question is…are you gonna bite?


A diverse album encapsulating the bands influences while giving them a modern, sonic overhaul. The ambition shown on previous albums has been fully formed here. Love Bites are the real deal.


out of 10

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