Louis XIV - Illegal Tender EP

Recent Atlantic Records signings Louis XIV, are a San-Diego based band named after the French Historical figure. The ‘Illegal Tender’ EP is an aural showcase for their forthcoming album.

The first song on this EP is ‘Louis XIV’ and its a stomping Glam-rock influenced track that comes with the requisite handclaps indicative of that era. It’s a Lo-fi sounding gem of a song. All the elements seem to mesh together in their own debauched and writhing sticky mess. Raunchy hooks, lo-fi production, scuzzy guitar riffs, the singer, Jason Hill, even spouts forth the immortal line ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ in a fake British accent towards the end. ‘Louis XIV’ recalls T-Rex at their swaggering and sleazy best.

‘Finding Out True Love Is Blind’ is a complete barnstormer of a song with a floor-tapping drumbeat that slithers throughout the song’s duration. Organic elevating and descending piano chords interchange with the sneering vocal delivery of Jason Hill. The provocatively indecent lyrics of ‘Finding Out True Love Is Blind’, completes the filthy arrogant and fondling sound of Louis XIV.

‘Illegal Tender’ is an audacious encapsulation of obscene decadence and hedonism all bottled up in an EP for your listening pleasure.



out of 10
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