Longview - Stripped

Despite the otherwise gloomy slant to their music, Depeche Mode retained some pop nous, which resulted in the success of tracks like Never Let Me Down Again, Personal Jesus, Everything Counts and Stripped, all of which bumped clanking electro-pop productions with the kind of major themes Martin Gore became increasingly fond of.

Stripped was always a highlight of the Depeche Mode back catalogue, as well as the 101 live album and there is already a great cover version of the song by Rammstein leaving this release a little redundant. Unlike the Depeche Mode version, which caught the band between industrial pop and electro-blues and the Rammstein release that mixed dense rock with footage from Leni Riefenstahl's film of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Olympia, Longview's Stripped is the sound of an indie-rock band settling back on a cover. As absent as that notion is of ideas, so the song is equally absent of originality, with Longview strolling through the song as though it's a favourite in rehearsal, which has accidentally made it to an actual release.

Showing little of the ability that has made their album a critical success, Stripped is a download/limited 7" release only and is available from the Longview website.



out of 10
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