Lonely The Brave - Things Will Matter

Cambridge based Lonely The Brave have dropped second album Things Will Matter on a music industry awash with copycat bands and living legends giving none of the new guys a chance. Lonely The Brave stick their flag in the ground, set out their stall and unleash upon the world an album of polar opposites, from slow, dirge-y songs to full on rage inducing screamers.

The understated 'Wait In The Car' opens the album with a simmer rather than a full blown aural assault, David Jakes' vocals layer into the song well. 'Black Mire' on the other hand is an absolute rager; David Jakes' voice bursts to breaking point with a dirty scuzzy raging dual guitar dance playing behind him between Ross Smithwick and Mark Trotter. The video is a work of art also, just the lead singer against a backdrop of black, with shadows playing across his face. A fantastic track. A fantastic moment on the record. Most bands at this point in their career hit the sophomore slump. This track shows this isn't the case with Lonely The Brave.

In this day and age of instant grat tracks, one click downloads and streaming, a record lives or dies on it's singles. And alongside 'Black Mire', 'Rattlesnakes' and 'Diamond Days' are also stand out tracks. Although this record has a cohesive band feel to it, the diamond of the band is once again Jakes vocals. With a restraining nervousness in a live setting, on record, he lets loose, opening up his unearthly soulful howl with sheer determination.

This is very introspective stuff, even shoe gazing at times, and is well steered by drummer Gavin Edgeley from the metallic aural onslaught of ‘Jaws of Hell’> to softer beats and rhythms like on ‘Wait In The Car’. Still front and centre are the vocals, a whole other instrument of their own.

With the music scene where it is at the moment, the best way to support bands, is buy into the band. Not just buying that one track you like, but buying a whole record, buy the merchandise at a gig, give back to the band the energy they used to make the record by having a release of energy at their next gig. Lonely The Brave deserve your attention and your money. Support the British music scene. Long live the British rock scene. Hell, long live Lonely The Brave.


A fantastic well paced rock record from an always reliable band.



out of 10
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